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Any savvy researcher knows that beyond the appeal of high quality data and elegant statistical techniques, translating mere numbers into data-driven impact relies on the presentation of findings. We work closely with researchers who are in the process of writing a study with the aim of publishing it in a peer-reviewed publication. Whatever your goal, we’ve got your back!


Professional Manuscripts by Published Consultants

Within the Manuscript Preparation service, we help to prepare a manuscript or report based on results you provide to us from your research or results that we generate for you. As a daunting task for any researcher, published papers must meet the highest level of scientific precision. Our service walks you through the critical sections of your manuscript by:

  • Enhancing your work’s appeal with our publication-quality tables and graphics.
  • Literature review
  • Proofread and edit your manuscripts.
  • Analyze and help articulate your critical findings into impactful results, discussions and interpretations.
  • Perform a vigorous “pre-peer review” to spot weaknesses and give your work a higher chances of being accepted for publication.

EpiStat-E comprehensive manuscript consulting services ensure academic and clinical researchers can submit their work for publication with the utmost confidence.


Leave the stress behind. Let our professional research consultants help you prepare an impressive manuscript.

Work with a Team of Experienced Professionals

Our decades of combined experience in writing for publication and peer review of scientific literature will afford your work the best chances of acceptance. Our team is made up of published and peer-reviewed researchers. We are here to help you succeed!

Intellectual Property

Its up to you if you wish to acknowledge our role with your manuscript. Regardless of how much effort we put into the preparation of your manuscript or report, you retain all intellectual property rights.

Victor helped me while I was a student research fellow this summer. As someone with very little statistics knowledge and Evidence Based Medicine training, I was very impressed with the patience that Victor had with me. He explained various concepts in enough detail so that I could understand, and he also helped me edit my final project.

Constants A.

Victor has provided outstanding tutoring for me as a student during my grad school, MPH program. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and has excellent teaching style. He provides great insight in to the subject matter far beyond just the course materials.

Fay M.

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