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Certain students and organizations, such as hospital staff or small businesses, may not have developed the strong research skills needed to perform a study on their own. EpiStat-E offers research training and workshops for such groups to strengthen their research skills and learn the proper methods to carry out their studies.


Your Research Consultants

We believe proper research methodology is imperative to the integrity of the study. The skills learned through the program are designed to allow groups and individuals to plan, design, carry out, interpret and apply learned knowledge through research studies.

EpiStat-E Consulting is here to meet clients however best they feel they can learn. Our training and workshops can be provided:

  • In person
  • Online via video call or presentation
  • Through training brochure or other documentation

Clients can expect to learn the following research skills:

  • Define a research question and formulate a hypothesis
  • Conducting background research
  • Judge project scope
  • Research planning and selecting proper methods
  • Research design
  • Implementing research design
  • Taking proper notes and documentation
  • Evaluating data


Our team has decades of experience in research design and implementation of public health and clinical studies.

Helping Your Studies Help the World

Well-conducted research is vital to the success of global health endeavors.  Good research produces results that are examined by peers, methodologies that can be replicated, and knowledge that can be applied to real-world situations.  It is our goal at EpiStat-E Consulting to teach you or your team in best practices to enhance our knowledge of how to best address the world’s problems. We believe in what you do and want to help.

Budget Friendly

By offering a number of ways we present our training and workshops, we can offer affordable rates and work around different budgets. Workshops can be conducted online, in person or in document form.

Victor has been very helpful to say the least. All the work he helped with was to a very high standard, delivered quickly and best of all at a very reasonable price considering his expertise! I would certainly recommend Victor to anybody that needs some extra tutoring or is stuck with research/ methodology/ statistics issues or dissertation editing issues!
Jeremy J.

Victor was great. He was efficient, professional and super fast.

Jessica L.

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