Welcome to Our Team, Tracy and Erika

Braithwaite_Erika.jpg tthomas-1.jpgWe recently welcomed two brand new members to our team!
Tracy Thomas comes to EpiStat-E Consulting, LLC with more than a decade of postgraduate experience in Epidemiology and Data Analytics. She acquired her wealth of experience from diverse settings including the biotechnology industry, healthcare and government. Tracy has nearly thirty professional presentations and peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in addition to several professional awards.

Erika Braithwaite has a background in psychology and is finishing up her PhD program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the McGill University, a top-ranked university in Montreal, Canada. Skilled in research study design, Erika is proficient in answering research questions using standard and complex statistical modeling methods. She is a proud recipient of five honors and awards.

We cannot wait to see Erika and Tracy put their awesome skills to use for our clients!

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